Summer sunsets at 7:45pm

Burn in hell An end to your human experience is inevitable, but how you go and where you go is still up for debate. Does pain and pleasure really get triggered by the same censors? I’m not trying to raise hell like some cenobite but why does each extreme feel so extraordinary on opposing ends […]

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Dear Relationship,

To whom it may concern, I ask for a lot of things, but being a detective is not one of them. I am used to the tricks and how quick you can flip the script to “why were you even looking when you said you trust me?” See that’s where you’re wrong, I trust that […]

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October 29th 2015

What are the odds What are the odds that I ended up here, out of all of the places I could have been  What about falling in love with the feeling of falling in love  The “what ifs” of every situation kept me so sedated from actually living in the moment I began to get […]

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