Summer sunsets at 7:45pm

Burn in hell An end to your human experience is inevitable, but how you go and where you go is still up for debate. Does pain and pleasure really get triggered by the same censors? I’m not trying to raise hell like some cenobite but why does each extreme feel so extraordinary on opposing ends […]

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Hedonistic Hymns of the Hood

As much love as I have for you unconditionally, why do you remind me everyday how much I should hate you,  You owe me, dont try to do better than me, don’t do better than me, I’m not going to be happy for you, I promise, don’t leave me here, lonely, you promise?  More fraudulent […]

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2 sentence scary story

Turning the key to enter my home, I heard a voice from around the side of the house say, “don’t go in, they’re all dead.” As I turned my head in the direction of the voice, whatever was staring at me from the blinds inside my house rushed back to anticipate me opening the door. 

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2 sentence story🎃

While greeting the driver, I was impressed entering the empty school bus with dried blood effects on nearly every seat and throughout the inside, it was about time a halloween tour guide go above and beyond for their customers. I heard the doors slam shut as I received a text from my date asking where […]

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