Dead Goldfish

What I’m watching/watched: Photography basics, Suits season 1, The Lobster, Vice abduction BDSM, etc. What makes a show “good?”                                         I. Theres this feeling of freedom that comes with “going out” at the end of the […]

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F You

Sometimes I feel I’m living life sedated, lazy, and lost. I’m not sure what I even like anymore. Not much excites me other than what I’m capable of becoming later in life if I keep working now. Love won’t wait. But maybe it wasn’t love at all. I can feel myself becoming better and burning […]

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There’s something subtly intimidating about this woman, fully aware of herself, how beautiful she is, as well as how much she knows and understands. It’s dark where I came from, but I don’t believe that’s the reason why she’s here. The absence of light in my world made it easier to find her, she was […]

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Waiting for my idols to die

As Saturday falls into Sunday I don’t want to be celebrated I want to be appreciated  I’m so anxious,  Millions of cells with a thought for each one  Who am I going to ruin my life over today And in what way And then I stop myself These were my younger years I don’t expect you […]

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Afraid to be who we really are This is beautiful  This is acceptable  This is the way things are That’s why you wear a mask and suit to hide the crazy right beneath the surface Sometimes I feel like I’m falling Sometimes I feel like I’m floating Warm sun Cold wind I love you

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Gone Days 

Often do I have to stop and ask myself, do I understand what’s going on? Then I go back into the world. A scurry here, and a scurry there, and then I realize I’m lost again in the precence of entities more interesting than I, where as I have no choice but to take seat […]

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No time for clothes in the house,  or anymore monday mornings in my life,  Always alive at so dead an hour Crypt walking I’ve got the blues, My eyes swell, the tears turn to blood,  Again I realize I’m just a jester looking for a king’s love These are my primary problems  In a world […]

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